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„I am testing the products since one year and feel more powerful and well being. I have more energy to do my jobs and I feel more awake. In the wintertime we have not enough sun, but with the sprays for the cells it is much easier to get through because there is one with goldinformation in it and gold lifts you up.

In one of them (the sensitive one) is silver that helps you to get the cells more clean and reduces inflammation.“ (Henry S.)

„The longer I use the essences, the more I'm clear in my thought processes and my perception. Is there perhaps a connection? My intuition says clearly: YES! Because these essences decalcify and activate our pineal gland and brings us into an obvious state of consciousness.“  (Dieter R.)

On the picutre you see a 30 year old scar on the leg. 2.6.2016: befor using cellregeneration essences.

4.6.2016 using sem cells oil and the regeneration lotion.

After only 5 days the scar is getting very small like a line. Never before (since 30 years) had that woman such a reaction when using another creme or essence on her leg.

„I also tried the goldspray when I had a headache and it helped me too by spraying in the neck.“ (Henry S.)

We do not make any healing testifies, we just have our own experiences, cause we recommand cosmetic products with special effects.  The effects are different for everyone because noone in the world is equal. Try it and get your own experience.

Please compare cellregeneration products with a walking in a forest. Everyone who does it, feels better after that. In the forest there are so many different kind of informations of plants, trees, flowers, animals, also singing birds which communicate with our body, cells and soul, with the nature that we are.

The next picture: Darkfield microscope image of the blood of a person: (Copyright Petra Dobler)

What did experts find out?

Right picture:

Spraytest on the right food

After a  short  exposure we can see the positive reaction (green felds). The essences impacting far beyond the local area.

"At the beginning I was skeptical, … and spray now more diligently. The effect is enormous, I am thrilled and amazed. I like spraying, other people to test, they report mostly an amazingly fast reaction ". (Barbi L.)

The picutre shows blood taken of a finger with candida and parasites. The bloodstream is worth, but 3 minutes later, after spraying the goldspray the blood gets all the positive information so that it reacts incredibly in 3 minutes. The blood corpuscles are more unclosed and the bloodflow is getting free.

Left picture:

Reaction after using regeneration shampoo for a couple of month. The shampoo is not only giving you only informations of nature, the ingredients are without animal and chemical additives!

Picuture below:

Reaction of a man after using the silverspray sensitve.

A medium named Michaela F.:

"Sananda what do you say about the essences?

„My child, the essence is a source to strengthen. Thoughts still need to be clear and pure, but the spray enhances the effect. The effect is doubled and goes to the ideal. The cell will be renewed from the ground up and forced to the optimum. Nevertheless, it is a medium. The potentiation goes towards David against Goliath, David rises to unexpected forces. In infinite love, Sananda "