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Left picture: Aurafield with 6 dimensions of etheric bodies

A spray impact of a distance of approx 25 cm goes very well into the etheric and the physical body. This can have an ANTIAGING effect, because cells regenerate by "remembering" the original state.

We are a completely new person with a new body by cloning the cells in the body every 7 years.

Another very importent thing is the voltage of cells:

Healthy cell: approx. 70 mV voltage

Cancer cell: approx. 15 mV voltage

Cells of an athlete: up to 150 mV voltage

„Disease is energy shortage in the cell "- Health has a lot to do with cell tension. Studies have shown that electromagnetic cell tension is crucial to our health.


We can provide our cells with information from nature, with light and other positiv materials. The sprays of the hungarian cosmetics is a way to bring cells into a higher cell voltage.

If our cell gets restore information of the nature before it clones and dies, the cell can regenerate. And then it gives the better and healthier information to the new cell by cloning itself before dying.

So a spray impact or a creme of the cosmetics improve the cells and their DNA structure.

Look at the difference of the cellcloning of a damaged cell and a healthy cell below.