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The wonder of cellregeneration

If you put one of the cellregeneration essences in water and make a photo of the cristals as M. Emoto did, you get wonderful structures, cosmic harmony like a symphony.

Big Chance

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A spray impact from the goldspray for example with a distance of 25 cm can be very effective because informations goes through the aura field in the cells. This can have an ANTIAGING effect, because cells get the information and regenerate by "remembering" how they used to be in original. So scarves can disappear.We have photo proofs how information transmission works.

Our cells are not older then 7 years. In our body there are also cells which live only one day. Every day die between 50,000,000,000 and 70,000,000,000 cells !!! But we reproduce a lot every day.

A cell clones and doubles before it dies.

But why do we age?

Because the cells only copy, bad or good habits are stored in the cells. If we are able to influence the cell structure (as we do by our feelings and thoughts, by the way), we can modify them. (Read more…)

Tibor Jakabovics a genius scientist from Hungary created a lot for the pharmaceutical industry. But not all of the things which helps people got on the market.

Fortunatly he was an independent scientist. He desided to create a very new and special series of products and so he founded an own firm in the cosmetics section to help people all over the world.

The idea was to create products that are wide ranging in the effects and use. It is radically new in the production technology. So we are with cellregeneration (love & lights) on a new road of extreme efficient products compared to other products - UNRIVALED !

And we had luck to get these products as one of the first countrys of the world. And now it’s time for you and your country - it’s time to get all these wonderful things also in England and Nederland and we want to help you to run your business as one of the first to get more wealthy and healthy.

Look at the facts and figures:

   2013 was the start of the firm in Hungary: 0,5 Mio sales

   2014: 13,5 Mio sales

   2015 official opening in Germany, Austria …: 42,0 Mio sales

   2016: über 200 Mio sales !!!  (Read more…)